Sports Activities


Promotion of rural sports and physical education occupy an important role in human development …

Health Activities


Health Pollibir believes that: No women should die giving life and accordingly is dedicated to promote Rural …

Provision of Direct Services


Pollibir provides support to the rural poor people in livelihood generation and provision of warm clothes, blankets and shelter during the winter.

This activity is funded by Pollibir Unnayan Sangtha’s own resources and donation in cash and kind from the local people, SWT and the migrants from the area living abroad. It is implemented in collaboration with the Pollibir Sports Center, which provides shelter and premises to the poor in the winter.

Opinion Survey and Polling


The number of poor people going hungry and/or food insecure is often estimated, using highly aggregated income data, without ever determining whether the person/family actually experienced hunger (and how often, during the course of the year). Such lack of actual information and absence of estimate of self-classification as poor and food insecure, contributes to misplaced policy and programmes for poverty eradication and improvement of food security.

Research and Development


The focus of the on-going research work of Pollibir is related to the socio-economic and institutional reforms necessary in the agro-rural sector for Bangladesh to emerge as a middle income country and move beyond, including adapting to climate change and the global trading environment. For more details kindly contact: Pollibir@gmail.com

Self-rated as poor




Those who have moved out of poverty


People who are happy


Moderately happy


Positive about the future


Pollibir Unnayan Sangstha (in English: Pollibir Development Organization) was established in 2009 as a voluntary social welfare organization in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. It was conceived by a group of committed social workers, elected local government officials, school teachers and medical doctors from the district of Thakurgaon, to promote rural socio-economic development, sports and health.