Mission, objectives and activities

"In view of the above-mentioned realizations, Pollibir was established with the following objectives: "
  • Improve understanding and broad based debate at the local level on policy, programme and investment options, based on applied research and analysis of the fundamental issues, through socio-economic surveys in rural areas.
  • Formulate and implement pragmatic programmes and projects with focuse on finding local solutions, based on successful experiences and best practices.
  • Promote partnership among communities to facilitate harmonious participation and in making development mutually¬† beneficial to all.
  • Implement different development programmes which are socially sound, economically compatible and environmentally sustainable for the disadvantaged community.
  • Promote sports among the rural population along with provision of healthcare, particularly, pre-natal care and prevention of child injuries.

In order to achieve these objectives, Pollibir:

  • Provides sports facilities and training for the rural youth, both boys and girls to enhance sporting spirit, health and to keep the youth away from addiction to drugs and delinquency.
  • Provides health care facilities in rural areas for maternity services and prevention/care of child injuries.
  • Provides facilities to the needy, destitute, disable, exploited and marginalized people to attain better life and livelihood;
  • Promotes environment-friendly sustainable activities and behaviour through making the young generation aware of the environmental issues and concerns;
  • Promotes sustainable livelihood opportunities for the poor and the marginalized people, particularly the most vulnerable, such as widows and disable people.