Organizational structure

As per its Constitution (Article 11, Para-a-c) the organizational structure of Pollibir consists of:

  • A General Assembly
  • An Executive Committee
  • A Technical Advisory Committee

The General Assembly (GA) consists of all its members. The GA is empowered to:

  • Amend or revise the constitution
  • Elect an Executive Committee (EC)
  • Supervise and approve its budget
  • Approve the work programme and budget of the EC

As per the Constitution (Article 15 Para-1) the Executive Committee (EC) will consist of the

following, all of which will be elected by the GA:

  • One president
  • One vice president
  • One general secretary
  • One vice general secretary
  • One treasurer
  • Two members

The responsibility of the EC includes:

  • Prepare and submit the annual budget to the GA for approval.
  • Hire workers required for the running of the organization and manage/supervise all employees.
  • Arrange for regular auditing of the activities and budget of the Organization.

The Technical Committee is an advisory body. It reviews the work and activities of Pollibir and provides advice and guidance. All Pollibir‘s projects require the Technical Committee‘s approval, as well as its continuous supervision. The members are nominated by the EC and endorsed by the GA.